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Compounding Services: What You Need to Know

Hello, my name is Kate and this is my pharmacy blog. Last year, my mother became very ill. The doctor prescribed a range of medications but my mother was having severe problems with swallowing the tablets. I contacted my pharmacist and asked for help. The pharmacist explained that he could offer a compounding service in which the pills would be crushed and then mixed with other material to form a liquid which is easy to swallow. I was so pleased that I have kept in touch with the pharmacist and I have learnt a lot about the other services they offer.




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Compounding Services: What You Need to Know

Three benefits of using a compounding pharmacy to care for your kids

by Lonnie Bailey

When your child is sick, sometimes you need a little extra support to help restore their health. If you find that getting your child to take medications is a battle, your local compounding pharmacy can come to your rescue. Check out these three benefits of using a compounding pharmacy to care for your kids.

Change the delivery method of medications

Does your child have trouble swallowing oral liquid medications? A compound pharmacist can provide you with a range of alternate dosage forms- transdermal gels are ideal for younger kids, and medicated lollipops and gummies are a fun way to alleviate your child's symptoms.

Some conventional oral medications such as antibiotics are not very tasty, and a sick young child may put up quite a fight when medication time rolls around. Your local compounding pharmacy can personalise your child's medication, flavouring it to make it more palatable and easier to stomach. This is a particularly invaluable service for strong-flavoured medications.

Ensure medications are allergy-free

If your child suffers from any allergies or food sensitivities, you will be well-accustomed to scouring ingredients lists for possible allergens. Medications are no different- many contain traces of wheat, gluten and dairy, as well as colours and preservatives. Your local compound pharmacist can provide you and your child with the medications you need, free from any ingredients that may cause adverse reactions.

Help relieve teething pain

Teething is a painful time for any infant, and a stressful time for the parents. Many infants find teething particularly traumatic, with the regular teething remedies providing little to no relief. If your child is suffering from teething, your compound pharmacist can whip up a batch of teething gel with ingredients similar to that of the popular teething gel only available at the Women's and Children's hospital in Adelaide.

Your compound pharmacist will even be able to customise the gel to make the flavour mild and palatable for your child, and remove any potentially-dangerous ingredients that you do not wish to give your child such as salicylate. This is an ideal solution for parents of teething infants who do not reside in Adelaide. It is important to exercise caution when using any teething gels on your infant- stick to the recommended dosage amounts and frequency. Consult your family health practitioner for more information and advice.  

For more information and advice on caring for your children when they're ill, contact your local compounding pharmacy.